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Replacement Pumps for Pressure Washers.

Founded in 1981 , Water Cannon is A Family Owned and American Operated Company. Water Cannon's ReplacementPumps.com specializes in Pumps and Pump Parts and Accessories needed to keep your pump and business running.
ReplacementPumps.com offer volume discount incentives for top brand pumps including: 

• Cat Pump 
• General Pump (GP pumps)
• Annovi Reverberi (AR pumps)
• Comet 
• Hypro 
• Legacy 

No matter what your pressure washer pump application requires we have the replacement pumps, drives and accessories to get your pressure washing system operational.  ReplacementPumps.com stocks a full line of pressure washer pumps parts.

Pressure washer pumps can be driven by belts and pulleys, direct drive couplers, gear reduction boxes, PTO geared multipliers, flex couplers, flanges, clutches, poly-drive belt systems or simple direct drive hollow shaft versions. 

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4,200 PSI AR Pump

Adding to our collection of over 100 replacement Pressure Washer Pumps, Water Cannon is proud to offer the latest technology from Annovi Reverberi. AR's highest rated triplex pump is available now.


• Latest in design and technology
• New crankcase style
• High strength forged brass manifold for long term use
• NEW ceramic plungers, thicker wall to help prevent thermal shock
• Stainless steel valves
• Side mount valve seat o-rings
• High quality high pressure seals
• NEW low pressure seal with built in scraper
• Two piece piston guides
• NEW connecting rod with 12% more load surface
• Large side cover sight glass
• Oversized bearings
• Rear cover oil drain
• Forged, precision ground crankshaft

• RRV4G40-300 - 4.0 GPM - 4200PSI - Plumbed, ready to go (as shown)
Price: $259.00 

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General Pump has been the world leader in pressure washer triplex plunger pump development since 1982. While known as the leader in triplex plunger pumps for the pressure cleaning industry, now they have expanded into Industrial pumps rated up to 112 gallons per minute or pressures up to 21,750 PSI to serve Vehicle Wash as well as many Industrial Applications including Sewer Jetting, Oil and Gas Industries, Mining Industries, Mobile Pressure Wash, Food Industries and Exterior Building Maintenance. 

The pumps in the General Pump TSP Series are designed to deliver high pressures of up to 7,250 pounds per square inch depending on the model. Pumps in the TSF Series are designed to produce higher flow rates, with the most powerful model providing approximately 12 gallons per minute. In addition to being among the top performing pumps on the market, these units are also among the most durable and feature multi-year warranties as a testament to their longevity. Recognized for their reliability, all General Pumps from Water Cannon also feature lifetime guarantees on the manifolds.   

The manifolds of the TSP and TSF series pumps are brass forged and precision machined to stand the tests of time and extreme use. As further evidence of their survivability, even accidental freezing cannot warp these pumps. The pumps have an innovative seal design to extend seal life. The plungers on the pumps improve thermal shock resistance and the valve caps’ design improves hydrostatic performance. General Pumps' large capacity oil crank cases dissipate excess heat which extends the lives of these pumps significantly as well.

Always striving to serve our customers better Water Cannon now offers the complete line of General Pumps and Industrial General Pumps at discounted prices. Water Cannon offers online discounts for volume and you can save up to 20% additional with an added bonus of free freight. General Pump’s motto; "We Will Find A Way”, now with Water Cannon’s help at discounted prices.

The 66 series triplex plunger pump is a high pressure pump with a forged brass manifold that has an exclusive lifetime warranty. It has an innovative seal design to extend the life of the deal. The plunger design on this pump improves thermal shock resistance and the new valve cap design improves the hydrostatic performance.  

• Maximum inlet pressure: 125 PSI
• Maximum fluid temperature: 165°F
• Inlet port thread: 1/2" - 14 BSP-F
• Discharge port thread: 3/8" - 19 BSP-F
• Shaft diameter: .945 in./24 mm
• Pump dimensions: 13.84" x 9.8" x 7.7"
• Crankcase oil capacity: 31.0 oz.
• Use GP series 100 oil, product group: X
Price: $999.00 

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Annovi Reverberi RCV 3 GPM @ 3000 PSI 3400 rpm D Version 3/4" Hollow Shaft with F7 Flange RCV3G27PKG

RCV series pumps are designed to direct drive on gasoline engines ranging from 4-7.5 HP. It's intended use is for medium to heavy duty tasks. This triplex plunger pump features the latest in design and technology. 

The pump is life tested at a maximum performance of 3 GPM @ 3000 PSI. The RCV series features a compact body design which makes it a perfect replacement pump for repair shops. The RCV is a result of AR's combined 60 years of pump building experience and expertise.

RCV series pumps are fully rebuild-able, tested to 2000+ hour life and have triplex ceramic plungers and a forged manifold head.

This series fits 3/4" keyway horizontal engines bolts, oil and vented dipstick.
Price: $269.00 

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New! How to replace a pump. Click Here

How can you tell if you need a verticalshaft pump? If the engine is on top of the pump it is considered avertical shaft pressure cleaner. The vertical shaft pressure pumps arepopular for homeowner price point models and are usually sold throughdiscount chains and big box stores. Although Water Cannon will not sellvertical style homeowner grade pressure cleaners we do offer a highquality pump replacement from Annovi Reverberi.

Annovi Reverberi RMW Economy Axial Radial Pumps 3400RPM D Version 7/8" w/Vertical Gas Engine Flange

Annovi Reverberi pumps are a combination of exceptional degree oftechnology and innovation. They deliver quality and reliability worthyof a leading brand on the market. The wide range of AR pumps includesmany models which vary in terms of pressure, delivery, power andtechnical characteristics, to satisfy widely different market demands.

See photo below for correct RMW water tube description, and compare it to your pump.

•The RMW-SX has the reverse inlet and discharge tubes that come outthe back of the machine as shown in the pump pictured on the left.

•The RMW pump, shown on the right, has the tubes that come out the front of the machine.  

Sometimes the mounting bolts that hold the engine to the frame are used to mount the pump as well.

• Replaces AR RMW2G20D, RMW 2G20D
• Fits most homeowner type vertical pressure washers with front mounted pump
• Vertical mount with gas flange 3-6 HP
• Maximum pump speed: 3,400 RPM
• Shaft diameter: 7/8” hollow
• Engine shafts longer than 2” will require spacers or washers
• Maximum horsepower requirements: 4.5 GHP
• Inlet port: 3/4" FGH (garden hose)
• Outlet port: 22 mm (twist connect)
• Built In unloader and chemical injector
• Brass Manifold with Aluminum Valve Caps
• Stainless steel plungers
• Pump comes with oil
• See optional items below
• Weight: 5.1 lb.
Price: $112.99 

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This plunger pump will pump up to 2.5 GPM at 2600 PSI. It spins at 3400 RPM in a direct drive system, coupled with a gasoline engine. The matching flange provides for a convenient connection to most 3/4” shaft, 3.0-7.5 HP engines. The hollow shafted pump includes a built-in pressure control valve and chemical injection system. This pump boasts 400+ hours of life and a forged aluminum manifold head. This plunger pump is fully rebuildable.

Annovi Reverberi’s axial series pumps come with a special formulated synthetic pump oil that contains anti-wear, rust inhibitor and deoxidizer additives designed to last 500 hours. The sealed oil chamber on the pumps are designed to be MAINTENANCE FREE for the LIFE of the pump.

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Regular Price: $112.99
Lower Price: $89.99 

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