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Water Cannon has something new going on:

Thousands of packaged plumbed pumps for most every application

Water Cannon specializes in offering thousands of packaged plumbed pumps for most every application. If you need tank feed pumps with return lines or cool loop continuous duty plumbing Systems Water Cannon is your answer.

We carry all major reliable brands in the pressure pump industry for immediate shipment. Earn volume discounts when you buy in bulk with discounts up to 45%. Visit us online or call today 1-800-333-9274 

Low cost and maintenance free pressure washer pump

Water Cannon now carries residential grade replacement pumps at a fraction of the cost of other online sources.

The RPW2G19 –PKG delivers to gallons per minute up to 2000 PSI performance and includes an inlet Garden hose adapter with filter and thermal over heat protection.

This smartly equipped replacement pump package simply bolts to a vertical shaft standard 7/8 inch gas engine. 

The crankcase utilizes synthetic oil that never needs serviced for the lifetime of the pump. For a Low cost and maintenance free 2000 psi pressure washer pump visit us at or call 1-800-333-9274

Hard to find Pump Replacements

Water Cannon is the #1 choice for pressure washer trigger guns, high pressure washer hoses, pressure cleaning rotating turbo nozzles and these are just to name a few. You will find here only the best selling pressure washer parts and accessories! From consumer parts to Industrial accessories we also carry a full supply of hard to find OEM pressure washer replacement products including; solenoids, pressure switches, un-loader bypass valves, overheat pump protectors, and lastly flow switches for hot water pressure washers.

Durability and performance are the prime objectives of the RRV Series Pumps

Durability and performance are the prime objectives of the RRV Series pressure washer replacement pumps from Water Cannon. In fact, Water Cannon is so confident in this series that CEO Richard Kurtz says they “will surpass the original.”

“What we want to offer is a replacement pump that will hold up to the life of the engine,” Kurtz says. “The package comes complete; there’s virtually no labor involved. It’s been pretested and preset to pressure … they have a volumetric efficiency rating of 93 percent.”

The RRV Series features a compact body design, sized for direct drive on gasoline engines ranging from 270 cc to 440 cc, for medium- to heavy-duty tasks. The replacement pump has a high-strength forged brass manifold, new triplex ceramic plungers with a thicker wall to help prevent thermal shock, stainless steel valves, side-mount valve seat O-rings, high-quality high-pressure seals, two-piece piston guides, large side-cover sight glass, rear-cover oil drain, and forged precision-ground crankshaft.

“It has oversized bearings; that’s key for long life,” Kurtz says. “It has an aluminum crankcase, which helps dissipate heat. And that allows the crankcase life to last as long as the engine.

“The low-pressure seal has a built-in scraper. It helps keep the pump at high performance and keep it from losing water through the seal system. … It’s very common at the beginning of a pump failure that it starts dripping water out of the front seals. This pump really resists that.”

The pump is tested for service life at a maximum performance of 4 gpm at 4,300 psi.

RRV Series pumps are fully rebuildable, tested to over 2,000-hour life. This series fits 1-inch-keyway horizontal engines and includes bolts, oil and vented dipstick.

“Another feature of this particular pump is it can be used with the Hydro-Pulse valve, which allows you to convert a pressure washer pump to a jetter pump,” Kurtz says. “And new for 2016, the connecting rod is designed with 12 percent more load surface.

“It’s a high-quality replacement, so it would be much more durable than a boxed package or something that would be sold mass-merchandised online,” Kurtz says. “Let’s say you were starting a new job, and you knew you were going to put a pressure washer to use in hard labor for four months, replacing the original pump may be a decision that’s looked at before the job starts … (An RRV Series replacement) may be the last pressure washer pump they ever buy.”
4GPM-4000PSI-Hollow 1 Inch Gas-RRV Series-Annovi Reverberi

The Perfect Replacement Pump for Contractors


RRV series pumps are designed to direct drive on gasoline engines ranging from 270cc to 440cc for medium to heavy duty tasks. The pump is life tested at a maximum performance of 4 GPM @ 4300 PSI. The RRV series features a compact body design which makes it a perfect replacement pump for contractors. The RRV is a result of AR's combined 60 years of pump building experience and expertise.

RRV series pumps are fully rebuild-able, tested to 2000+ hour life and have triplex ceramic plungers and a forged manifold head. This series fits 1 inch keyway horizontal engines and includes bolts, oil and vented dipstick.

Water Cannon supplies pressure washers, parts, and accessories, for your cleaning needs. After thirty five in the business we are the authority on professional, commercial and industrial grade pressure washing equipment. 

This RRV4G40-VRT-PKG triplex plunger pump package features the latest in design and technology. 

• New crankcase style
• High strength forged brass manifold for long term use
• NEW ceramic plungers, thicker wall to help prevent thermal shock
• Stainless steel valves
• Side-mount valve seat o-rings
High quality high pressure seals
• NEW low pressure seal with built in scraper
• Two piece piston guides
• NEW connecting rod with 12% more load surface
• Large side cover sight glass
• Oversized bearings
• Rear cover oil drain
• Forged precision ground crankshaft


We have grown into the leading authority of industrial grade pressure washers

Honda-GX-Recoil-MTM-Hydro-42.0237 Carburetor-MTM-Hydro-42.0085 Pump-Annovi-Reverberi-RKV4G40-F24

We wanted to reach out and let you know about some new and exciting things happening here at Water Cannon. Water Cannon Inc was established in 1981 and we are celebrating 35 years of service. In those35 years, we have grown into the leading authority of industrial grade pressure washers, power washing equipment, and of course replacement parts and pumps. Water Cannon’s variety of pressure washers and parts includes put is not limited to hot and cold water models, diesel models, and even hydraulic models. We are so proud of our assortment of parts and pumps that we are pleased to introduce our new 2017 line on our easy to navigate site! Check out our links below. 

Our products and prices continue to be the most competitive in the business and we hope to continue that tradition for many years to come! In addition to a great product we also have an amazing support staff that is here to help. If it is finding the perfect pressure washer for your needs, diagnosing and helping with a technical problem, or finding you the right part needed for your own Water Cannon pressure washer, our staff is here to help! 

Water Cannon is wrapping up a great year and we want to thank you for being a part of that success. We are really looking forward to being your go to company for all of your pressure washer needs for another 35 years!!! 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call myself or your salesman, Charlie McSwain at (800) 333-9274 EXT 105. We thank you for your business and look forward to hearing from you! 

Triplex plunger pumps are the most common types of pumps used in the pressure washer industry

 Triplex plunger pumps are the most common types of pumps used in the pressure washer industry.  The majority of these pumps have solid ceramic plungers or pistons that move the water through the pump and hold pressure created by the nozzle restriction at the end of the spray wand.  These ceramic plungers are very hard and make an excellent seal for high pressures but are not indestructible.  Ceramic plungers can become brittle when the pump is run without water, causing thermal shock.  Thermal Shock occurs when the ceramic plungers are heated due to the friction of the dry plunger moving against the pump seals from lack of water to the pump. The introduction of cool water to the heated plunger will cause a crack or cracks usually running the length of the plunger.  The cracked plunger then allows water to leak past the seals and can be visible by a water leak between the manifold and crankcase of the pump or by turning the oil in the crankcase a milky color due to the emulsification of the oil and water mixture.  This will cause a lack of lubrication then overheating, then, catastrophic failure such as thrown connecting rods etc. 

The typical scenario might be as follows:  One attaches the garden hose to the pressure washer, then the high pressure hose to the machine; one starts the machine expecting water to come spraying out,  then one realizes after a minute or two, that the water is not turned on.  One then turns on the water to the running pump with heated plungers causing the plungers to break and leak.  Always have water flowing to your pump before start up.

Water Cannon custom builds pressure washer pump assemblies for most any application

Water Cannon custom builds pressure washer pump assemblies for most any application. Gravity fed pumps from a tank of barrel simply supply water to the pump inlet and recirculate the bypass line back to the tank.

 With pressure up to 8000PSI and flow rates to 140GPM Water Cannon supplies ready to work pressure washer pump solutions.

Call our industry trained professionals @ 800.333.9274 for technical assistance.




Check Your Pump Oil Level Before Each Use

Pressure washer pumps are all classified as wet crankcase plunger types. The wet crankcases are not unlike the arrangement for lubrications of the crankshaft of an automobile. The crankshaft is submerged in oil. As you might guess, wet crankcase pumps require much less constant lubrication. 

Most manufacturers recommend an oil change after the first 50 hours and also after 500 hours of operation then after. Water Cannon’s recommended oil to use is a 30W non-detergent oil. Our service technicians would recommend that the operator check the pump’s oil (crankcase) after each and every use to increase the life of the pump. Doing so will avoid any downtime for the contract cleaner or unnecessary warranty claim.

Replacement pumps is an online discounter of the trusted Cat Pump product line

Water Cannon is an online discounter of the trusted Cat Pump product line, and it is our goal to deliver quality industrial, positive displacement triplex piston and high-pressure plunger pumps at the lowest price available.

With proven dependability, Cat Pumps’ plunger pumps are utilized world-wide in thousands of applications including vehicle cleaning, car wash bays, commercial mobile wash, processing industries, manufacturing, oil field service operators, food processing, mining and portable hot water pressure washing systems.

For over 40 years Cat Pumps’ global mission has been to exceed customer expectations for quality, reliability, availability and product support. By providing quality triplex positive displacement pumps, and backing them with outstanding customer service, Cat Pumps has earned the reputation as being one of the most dependable high-pressure pumps available. If you need application assistance please call one of our industry trained technicians at 1-800-333-9274 to find the correct Cat Pump of the thousand Cat Pumps offered by the world leader in Triplex Reciprocating High Pressure Pumps and Systems.