Gear Reduction Box-1 Inch
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This gear reduction box is designed to be integrated into an existing pumping unit to reduce the gear ratio and thereby reduce the size of the motor needed to operate the pumping unit.
•Assembly required
•Fits 1450 RPM - TS series 3000-4000 PSI
•Mounts directly to 1" keyway shaft
•Gear box - 2.2 to 1
•3400 RPM reduced to 1450 RPM

A Gear Driven Pump is essentially a solid shaft pump with a direct drive gear reduction unit attached. With a gear driven pump, the original pump crankcase is mounted to a separate crankcase for the reduction gears. The two units are mounted together but individually sealed with the gear box using a thicker oil like gear lube whereas the pump uses the standard 30 weight, non-detergent oil. The pump and gearbox are then attached to the engine directly via the hollow shaft on the gear box. 

The Pros and Cons: 
The pump and gearbox are self contained with no belts and pulleys. No belt guard taking up space. The gear ratio being approximately 2.2:1 allows for the pump to run at slower speeds with higher output volumes than most high speed direct drive pumps. The gear box driven machine can run for longer times with higher efficiency. The initial cost is more for the gear box type unit versus a belt drive unit but makes up for it in less down time that you might have with belts and pulleys.
    Gear Reducer / 2.2:1

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