Easy Start Unloader-BP 91A
By : MTM Hydro

SKU : 18.0113
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  • 1500 PSI Single Unloader - 18.0113 - $61.75 (Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $49.99)
  • 3000 PSI Single Unloader - 18.0114 - $61.75 (Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $49.99)
  • 4000 PSI Single Unloader - 18.0115 - $61.75 (Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $49.99)
  • 4500 PSI Single Unloader - 18.0116 - $61.75 (Ad Match Guarantee - Buy Now: $49.99)
The Easy Start Unloader Plumbing Kit from MTM Hydro makes sure your water goes where you want it and keeps excess water inside the pressure washer. So you aren't wasting water and you are saving water at the same time. Yes, your high-powered pressure washer just became that much more effective. And best of all, this kit comes pre-assembled. Just install it and begin working more immediately.  

The MTM Hydro kit includes a brass valve body with a stainless steel ball & seat. It adjusts from 100 PSI up to max PSI with an adjustment knob that features a tamper resistant setting. MTM offers a Full Line of Industrial BP Unloaders that are Adjustable and feature a tamper-proof locking adjustment knob. Also works on tank feed applications. The BP 91 Easy Start Unloader is an industry favorite. Eliminates static back pressure during starting.

This product is ISO 9000 Certified to ensure quality and consistency during the manufacturing process. 

Water Cannon also offers Unloader plumbing kits thatare Pre-Assembled For Simple Uncomplicated Installation Ready toInstall- see sku 43.0045

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